So the funny thing about me is that I’ve always been a rebel, leaving school at 16, never liking routine or commitments, never liking rules or structure. So it was no surprise to me that when I did the Four Tendancies Profiling by Gretchin Ruben I came out as a REBEL.

Despite the fact I have been a rebel all my life I Just recently realised that giving up Alcohol was actually the most rebellious thing I’ve ever done.

I wasn’t a big blackout drinker and didn’t appear to have a physical dependency. Alcohol was a habit and lifestyle choice it turned day into night and was a very big part of my home & social life, until I decided to buck the trend and say goodbye.

I had done it before for a reason, when I was pregnant, when I was learning a huge dialogue verbatim, when I went to Yoga Teacher Training, sober Octobers etc etc, but all of those times I gave up for a certain period of time, a finite time with a goal attached and a calender to tick off.

This time, about three years ago, It was so uneventful, I dont have a date, I dont have a number of days, I dont cross off my calendar. I just decided that that day was the day and I wasn’t going to drink alcohol anymore.

It really was the most rebellious thing, ever. Everyone tried to temp me. My husband would even bring a glass of champagne over to me and put it by my side. But, I stood stubbornly in my rebellious nature, I wanted to see and understand what was on the other side of this poison. The same poison, that everyone I knew and everyone I didnt know, was imbibing.

Being a free thinker, a maverick, a rebel, doing things my way, choosing Courage over Comfort has always been the way I like to lead my life. I am so happy that I am a rebel. I choose exactly how I live my life, who gets to share it and who gets to get into the inner circle. I travel a path less travelled.

I guess it also wont surprise anyone to hear that I’ve never said that I wont drink again. Because there may come a day, when I choose to, infact I always say, I may drink on holiday, but being sober has given me that choice and actually when it comes to it, I’d always rather take my rebelious self off to bed at a decent hour, recharge my batteries and get up early for my morning ritual.

Alcohol is the most dulling of drugs, it leaves peoples boring and tired. It makes their skin puffy and bloated, it creates havoc with the joints and the inflammation and creates an acidic environment in the gut. Not to mention the hormones it messes with, the sleep it deprives and the brain health worries it creates. There is not one good thing about drinking Ethanol, but for some reason everyone does it. I’m now beginning to wonder if perhaps everyone who drinks on a regualr basis is dependent and they just dont realise.

I am so happy that and I chose to say goodbye to the thing that most of most people do every night. They let it rule their sleep, weight, health, brain health and their life. I love being rebellious. I’m just excited to see what is next….?