What People Say
Lucy, I just wanted you to know that you are my inspiration. Today is the first day I have woken up, for many years, without words and thoughts spinning around in my head. I got up this morning with no dread. I have had complete silence; I haven’t even needed a guided meditation. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Ms ReikiLover

I contacted Lucy to get some help with my diabetes as I felt out of control and embarrassed with my condition. Lucy helped me realise that I was doing well with it and gave me the confidence to know that I should not be held back by it.  Since I started coaching with Lucy, I have new optimism, and after many, many years I have started working again. I no longer limit myself. In fact, I’m so proud of myself and who I am, that I have taken up dancing again. I really do feel that Lucy has given me the mid-life reinvention that I was looking for.

Thank you, Lucy, for making me accountable for my actions and for taking responsibility to change.  I have to admit sometimes, in the beginning, I dreaded our meetings because I knew that I hadn’t kept to my goals. But it was good to have you there by my side encouraging me to be courageous.  You have lifted the blinkers, and I feel like a tonne of weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I’m going to miss our meetings.

I contacted Lucy when my life seemed fairly dismal. I was unhappy with myself, my life and wanted to get fit and lose weight.  Lucy soon made me realise that I had other, more important things to sort out than my weight, and once we had got on top of those issues, the weight-loss would start to happen –which was absolutely the way it worked out.  Lucy was such a support for me during this very challenging time, and I am now feeling so much happier and positive in every aspect of my life.  I don’t know how I got into this mess, but I’m so glad that I got out of it.

I’m really enjoying your blog, and so many of your thoughts resonate with my journey. I feel like I’m stalking you though, as I follow you on Instagram too. I’m not stalking you! I’ve not drunk for years. I hardly ever did anyway as I discovered pretty young that I became regrettably inebriated too quickly! However, it was at 44 after breast cancer paid me a visit, that I realised my still embarrassingly modest alcohol consumption to too much really. I’m no longer embarrassed, but at 58, there’s nothing left that can!

I teach yoga too, in Ferndown mostly, but not as my main job, and you really do inspire me! I’ve only been teaching 2+ years as I “learned to fly” slightly late!

Thank you so much.


I connected with Lucy through Yoga as I lived locally to her.  I decided to embark on coaching as I was a self-confessed sugar addict.  Lucy coached me online. At first, I was sceptical, but it proved to be the right thing as when I travelled away; I still had Lucy to support me. Being a sugar addict for most of my life meant that I didn’t really enjoy my food.  I just loved having a piece of cake which filled me up and then I didn’t have to think about cooking/meals/food shopping.  Lucy encouraged me to think about nourishing my body and my life. It was extremely difficult to give up sugar, and I went through big withdrawals, headaches, brain fog, dizziness etc. But after a couple of stressful weeks, there was light at the end of the tunnel.  After giving up all sugars including fruit, I had to rebuild my gut system as it wasn’t working efficiently.  This took time, and this was when the physical, mental and emotional changes happened.  I am now a stone lighter, filled with energy and enthusiasm.  By eating whole foods, I feel whole and complete.  I finally feel like ME!

Lucy, I always enjoy your insight on any given topic. EVERYONE should take your workshop! Love you.

I booked a ‘Cup of Tea’ meeting with Lucy, as my beloved dog died, my partner dumped me, and I didn’t like my job. We met and sat down for a good four hours, and had a lovely conversation.  Lucy’s conversation led me to question my beliefs and my actions; she held up the mirror to ensure that I saw the repetitive triggers that were happening, and she challenged me to give up drinking for three months. Since my meeting, I have changed my life around. I have not drunk any alcohol and not missed it. I have been to the gym three or four times every week without procrastination, and I now love my job.  Lucy helped me think in a different way and has made me respond, rather than react to certain situations.  I have clarity, I have lost weight, the brain fog has gone, and I am in control of my future.  Honestly, it was the best money I have ever spent.  Thank you, Lucy.
Ms Irish Lass