What if we were just stuck in some virtual game and the only way out was to pass the test.

The only way out was through….

What if this is all a test to see how we get on, how well we do in this time. working on our relationships and more importantly ourselves….

What if this is test to see if we would drink ourselves into oblivion, eat ourselves into obesity and watch everything on Netflix?

What if this is mother nature giving us a harsh lesson in respecting what we have been given, what we have taken for granted and we have been destroying with our constant need for more….

What if this is a test to see if, as a planet, we would come together, treat animals with respect, get to know our neighbours, create communities, farm sustainably, love our planet, cut down on our waste, pollution and our constant desire for instant gratification.

What if this is a test to explain the concept of enough. Do we need to be always striving & doing, with the sole purpose to get more or do we need to find joy in being..

What if we only needed to understand that relationships are not disposable, we need to work on them and give them the love and the time they deserve…

What if we needed to understand that rather than working more hours, we should have allotments and sewing machines and provide for our families that way..

What if this was a test to look at our core values and reset, re-evaluate, restore, rest, recharge, reboot, reactivate….

What if this is a test to make us find our inner calm and stop all the stress and anxiety that is becoming so embedded in us.

“What if’s” can whirl around in your head… Sit with them, dig deep, go back, work through… the only way out is through.

If you love this kind of thinking and you want to see where it leads you.. let me help set your new path, new goals and lets make the next decade the best.

Lucy x