Being positivem optimistic lucky is a practice and practice you have to. There is no point in buying in to a new self-help system or gazing at the self help books on your shelf. I say KONDO out the self-help books and set out to be an intentional, deliberate, thinking, wonderful warrior woman.

I have always been attracted to self help books and since I was a young girl in London I have practiced the power of manifesting. It is has taken time and practice but I can now at 59 “I am a master manifestor”. But, i know and understand that sometimes hearing about all the marvellous miracles of self help and trying to master them, is just overwhelming.

What I know to be true is, there are loads of people making money out of self help. The truth is, you and only you, just have to get clear about what you want. That is the only hard bit. You have to decide how good can you stand it, you have to take responsibility because ultimately, the only thing stopping you reaching your dream life, is your resistance. Recognising the resistance is the tricky part. (and that again is a practice)

Whether it is to be a specific weight, shape, location, lifestyle, bank balance or whatever, makes absolutely no difference, there is enough to go round. The only thing that makes the difference is being aligned. And, the only way to be aligned is to be deliberate and intentional about your thinking and that takes practice.

You have to know what your desires are and you have to be clear. Vague Goals = Vague Results.

Please stop buying new books, new diet plans, new gym memeberships and instead take some time to listen to the way you think. Let me give you an example. Slimming world and weight watchers have only survived because they have repeat customers. People lose their desired weight, but then they put it back on again. OF COURSE THEY DO!! the reason why they do, is simple, they didnt actually change the way they thought about their food, they just kept doing the same thing, in smaller portions with accountability… instead of thinking, I dont want this sugar because it causes inflammation, because it makes me gassy, because it disruptes my hormones, they felt deprived and denied. If you think about the reasons you dont want to eat sugar like, i will lose weight, my joint pain will lessen, my moods and energy will level then TAADAA.. you have the secret sauce. simple as that.

If you need accountabilty to stick to your plans, or if you need help thinking through what your rockets of desire actually are the please email or text me today.

lets get this started

Lucy B X