What is the life of your dreams, what is the life you thought you wanted.

The life you dreamt of as a child can hold some clues, so i want you to be curious.  Life doesnt always follow the path that you expected and there is not necessarily one set road to bliss and fulfilment.  I personally never expected to have the life ive landed myself.  But i currently couldnt be happier.  I mean there are certain things that i would add into my to make it MORE. but there isnt anything i would take away, which i guess is quite a BIG statement.

My fifties have been a huge decade of change.  From Personal shopper to Managing a 3.5 million store to Bikram Yoga teacher to mindfulness Yin teacher to Empowerment Recovery coach.  And with those changes in careers came some changes in location from Guildford, to Brighton, to Nice, London, Nice & B