There comes a morning, where you just wake up and think, that’s it, I’m giving up drinking, that’s it, I want a divorce, thats it, I’m handing in my notice, Im losing this weight etc etc… This sweet spot is not necessarily sweet, as generally it comes after a long time of pain and in some ways it’s a sourest, saddest moment; especially when we realise that we had the control to stop this, a long time ago..

Let’s just be clear, we all have control and choice. Taking 100% responsibilty for your life, is a lesson that most learn as kids. Sadly I am that woman who hit mid-life having made that mistake, with never taking responsiblitly financially for myself, I took what I thought was the right and easy choice, always expecting a husband to provide for me. I’m deeply saddened that this was a learned behaviour. I was always taught that someone would look after me and guess what, I made it happen and my husbands always did. That is, until I reached the age of 57 and then my day of reckoning came.

Taking responsiblilty for your finances, health and happiness and not relying on anyone or anything, to give it to you, is the most empowering feeling. Mid-life is the perfect time look at our learned behaviour and do some unlearning, we need to decide how we want to live life going forward

It all starts with getting your pillars of wellness in place. Nutrition, Exercise, Self Love and Purpose.

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Lucy B