There is so much power in writing your goals down, but remember you have to be specific.  Vague Goals get Vague results.  the trick is:

  1. first identify the goals
  2. give them a time line.
  3. write down 3 steps on how you are going to achieve them.

If you are stuck at the Identifying stage, (I can totally relate).   For many years my goal was to have a goal, I just couldn’t commit to one and procrastinated over finding the exact perfect goal until I didn’t have it down.  So if you are in this space, then you just write a list of the things you love and then you write a list of the things you do and see if they correlate.  If they don’t they TAADAA that is your goal.

So get specific… I want to earn more money, is an ok goal.  I want to earn 2k more every month, is better.  In 3 months time I want to be earning 2K more a month and this is the 3 steps Im going to take to achieve that…. perfection!!

So once you have written your goals put them somewhere visible.  You don’t have to shout out about them, you don’t have to tell anyone but you do have to OWN them, remind yourself about them, so you need them in the front of your brain, so that you your brain can assist you in working towards them.  I the 5 second Rule book, which is one of my current fav motivational books, when you set a goal your your brain fires up instincts for you on how you can achieve it.  which is one of the reasons writing your goals down you increase your chance of success by more than 50%.  So lets do it.

Sometimes we restrict ourselves by thinking we can’t do things, or that its not appropriate at our age, its too late, we are too old, fat, thin, inflexible etc etc…, we have to shift that mindset and be in a mindset of yes, why not, I can.  We have to take 100% responsibility for our life as we are the creators of our destiny.

But writing your goals, with challenge, clarity, commitment and accountability  you are writing new chapters for yourself at the same time you are creating a different outcomes.. what are you waiting for…..