Ever wondered why slimmers world or weight watchers rely have so many repeat customers or why so many people fall of the wagon of drinking alchol, eating chocolate or exercise? The only reason is thought process.

As soon as you allow yourself to crave anything and then deny yourself you are setting yourself up for a fail.

As Annie Grace said once, Being Sober is not the Goal to not drinking and I could not agree with her more.

I have never said i wont drink again, I dont have a date when i gave up and I dont cross my days off on a calendar, i dont have any 100 or 1000 days celebrations of being sober, because that wasnt my goal.

My goal was always to get to a point where I felt the best I could possibly feel and see where that took me. As it happened it took me deeper into my yoga, meditation, nutrition, wellness, wellbeing, coaching, teaching, empowering and absolutly loving life with the huge sense of freedom and joy.

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