There will be a silver lining to this, as long as we can let go of the year we had planned and leave space to create our future.

It will be interesting to see what comes up without the endless consumerism, socialising and busying. We are being forced to go inwards as we cant go out and about.

For those of us who already had the tools in our box it should be relatively painfree, we have craved the time for creativity, to read our endless piles of loved but untouched books and to re-read the ones that are filled with high-lighter pen. I am super excited for my tribe out there who havent yet discovered these wonderful tools, because now is the first time that everyone is in this together and we are now all finally equal and it is our duty and right to have self care high on our priority list. I hope, my lovely mid-life friends you are not dispencing all the meals for family members. It is time to share the chores with the household, let everyone learn, (especially the men of 55 plus) basic skills of cooking, cleaning, ironing. It is time to set down some new bounderies.

One of the main problems that midlife women face is that it is in our DNA to be the family servants. Women have been doing it for generations and have passed this down on a cellular level. We need to unlearn this behaviour and remember that we have one chance at this life and expecially now we are in our mid-life we need to discover who we are and what we really want. Even if we dont particulaly want to. Dig deep girlfriends. This is no rehearsal Covid 19 has taught us that. This was not on our 2020 vision boards and now we have to plan our future. How does it look, feel, smell, does it have a colour? Which City does our future lie and which bed do we choose to rest our heads.

This is the time for BIG QUESTIONS and thought provoking conversations… Is this what retirement looks like for you, I for one, am spending my time creating space so that i can start from scratch again with my decisions and commitments.

If you need help doing this, then contact me. I have been through the confusion of menopause, the heartbreak of divorce, the overwhelm of creating a livable income at 58… and now at nearly 60 i am finally feeling my abundant freedom, I am begining to thrive. I will never allow myself to be in that situation again, but it has taken work and effort from just re-discovering or reinventing myself. We must not arrive at our third act of 60 and beyond without giving it the thought it deserve.

Be brave, contact me for an initial complimentary chat.. lets do this together.


Lucy B