Being sober and plant based didn’t just happen with one decision. It’s been like slowly peeling back the layers of an onion and enjoying each tiny step.
Just like everyone else I spent most of my 30’s and 40’s drinking a couple of glasses of wine or fizz every night. I never really drank a lot but just enjoyed the transitional feeling of day to evening. It was what we did, my friends and I sat down at the end of the day & had a drink together. I had no idea what it was like not to have alcohol in my bloodstream and I had no desire to find out.
It was only when I found yoga at 49 that I start to question my nightly glass of wine. So a layer of onion peeled back and I stopped drinking every night & just drank at weekend,  I also did the occasional dry January’s and sober Octobers but I really didn’t want to give up alcohol and saw no reason why I should. Once I had decided to go to Yoga Teachers Training my life began to change. Bikram Yoga teachers Training required that we learnt a 52 A4 page dialogue VERBATUM and to learn that amount required a clean open receptive brain, so another layer of onion was peeled and the weekend wine became an occasional glass, infact during the 3 months Training we were not allowed to drink and I found it ridiculously easy. In fact I loved not drinking. Over the 6 years that have followed my TT my drinking has been sparse and infrequent, much to the disappointment of my friends. I felt guilty that we werent doing our ‘drinking thing’ but I was doing it for me and they have reluctantly got used to the idea.

I don’t know how it became so acceptable to drink everyday, I would like everyone to understand that drinking everyday, even a small amount, makes a BIG difference to the quality of your brain function, your sleep at night, your Gut & microbiome plus your general wellbeing. At least then, you have the information to make your own decision. Knowledge is Power!

I really believe that you have to go at least 3 months to start to feel that uplifted feeling that comes with sober life and to really understand how good you can feel and what a difference even a sip of alcohol can make to you next day or couple of days.

I don’t mind that everyone drinks around me, in fact it reminds me of how lucky I am that I don’t like to drink anymore. Yes, I’m not so keen to go out for a drink in the evening, but I’ll always be the first to suggest having a coffee in the morning. XxX.