As you probably know I’m all about getting healthy habits into your life to make life easier, less decisions to be made and less room for procrastination.  There are many tricks and tools for getting habits into your life but basically it’s about repetition.

I started my home practice of yoga with just the commitment of getting on my mat for 10 minutes every day. Some days I sat with a cup of coffee and no yoga was done and other days the feeling was there, the play list was right and the 10 minutes lead to 60 minutes of yoga and beyond.  This was probably about 4 years ago now and I have a home practice 6 days a week.

This January 2019 I decided to add in another healthy habit, (oh btw yoga is not my only one… I have a list) and this was Intermittent fasting.  Not the 5:2 diet as for me its not about restricting calories or dieting it is about giving my digestive system a break to cleanse and work more efficiently.  At first I used an app to keep tabs on the 16 hours and kept a record but now in under 2 months I find it just part of life and has slipped in very well.  I don’t think I’ve lost any weight but I think my belly is a little flatter, its still a little round but thats okay.  As we get older our digestion slows down and I think being mindful about giving our gut 16 hours to process and evacuate properly means that it will work more effectively and efficiently for us.  It also helps just to keep the attention and awareness on eating & snacking as you only have the eight hour window.

My latest healthy habit that I have just been doing for 2 weeks which isn’t really a habit yet, but I am repeating the process every day and because it is piggy backed onto another habit it is easy to integrate.  Cold Water Showers!  Yes…. well it all started back in September when my lovely neighbour Rach and I decided that we could continue to swim daily in the sea through out the autumn and beyond… we failed, it didn’t happen, we chickened out and let the cold get the better of us.  Daily sea swimming has incredible health benefits and is so good for circulation but also just the minerals in the sea are nourishing to our skin. (Skin being the biggest organ, its quite a thing).. but… Tony Robbins (the motivational speaker) swears by having cold showers. I tried a few times, but always made excuses to keep the hot water present.  It was my friend Wendy on Instagram who kept talking about cold showers and because I had encouraged her to give up alcohol she then encouraged me to start with the cold showers.

So as I have a shower everyday in any way, it has been easy to develop ‘the freeze’ into my daily ritual.  I start off with a hot shower and then I turn the water to the coldest it will go and start counting my breath, so I’m not only getting the benefit of the cold water but I am also doing some breathing techniques too. I use a box breath… in for 5, hold for 5, ex for 5, hold for 5 so now I’m doing some many acts of self love in one shower its a great start to my morning.  Plus if I body brush before my shower to get my lymphatic system going its an incredible start to my day.

In 10 days only I can honestly say that I am loving my cold showers, they are invigorating me and I am now thinking that I will be sea swimming all year round like the other crazy ladies that live near me.  Never been a better day than today to start loving and prioritising yourself.