Mindfulness and Yin yoga have the same qualities, the same attitudes and both require practice.  They are both simple concepts but not easy, which is probably explains how and why I ended up teaching both.  They really are like sisters.  We live in a frantic world, anxiety is on the increase, the concept of busy is glamorous and sitting is the new smoking.  We never allow ourselves to be bored and we are constantly working, scrolling, shopping, eating and drinking.  We distract ourselves from our problems, we compare our lives to others, we stick plasters over everything and we numb our feelings.

What I love about Mindfulness and Yin Yoga they both require you to be in stillness and bring attention to your breath and your body.  Noticing the sensations that are occurring in your body and sitting with it.  What ever ‘it’ is…. sitting with the difficult in meditation can be uncomfortable but being able to label and own what you are feeling is the fastest way forward.  Sitting with the difficult in Yin Yoga can be uncomfortable because you go to your edge in your posture (shape) and you hold it in stillness, breath into the tightness and surrender into opening, allowing and trusting that as long as there is no pain or electricity then all is good.  Remembering, as long as you are breathing there is more right with you than wrong. Knowing that it is okay not to be okay or perfect.  Accepting they we are all imperfect, we live in an imperfect world and that is part of Humanity.