This mid-life thing can be confusing because there isn’t a manual and we are all bio-diverse. So its a bit like trial and error.  I am 57 and I have friends of a similar age who are, like me, empty nesters but I also have a friend who at 53 is looking to adopt a toddler, so yes, we are all on a different journey.

I guess I started to grow my wings a little when the children were becoming independent and no longer wanted or needed me to plan their weekends.  I grew dissatisfied with being sifted by them when something better came along. I was obviously pleased that they had their friendship groups and were building a social network all of which is important, but the realisation occurred to me that it was important to me that I had my own interests & ambitions outside of the family that should have an important role in my life.

This explains why I’m so passionate about having some sort of side hustle that you can work at through out the difference stages and phases of your life until your wings are ready to fly.

I’m not necessarily talking about fleeing the nest though, of course, that could be an option to explore.  Marriage is not easy and some people’s relationships are so full of compromise that I wonder how their hearts can bare it.  I’m talking about flying solo on your own journey, doing things just for you, learning, growing developing this inner desire that has protentially been put on hold for so long.

It is hard as a mother not to feel at the bottom of the pile, that you are the last to get your needs met, but it is our total responsibility to take the power to ensure that we give ourself that self love so that we are still defined by ourselves and not only by being a wife or mother.  Of course, I love and am so proud to be the mother of my 3 and that is certainly one of my most important defining qualities, but I am also Lucy the yoga teacher and health and wellness coach.  The Lucy that takes 100% responsibility for my happiness and my fullfillment.

I totally take ownership of my actions, words and responsibilities.  Though I am still changing, growing and developing as an individual.  I COMPLETE ME!

If you don’t feel fulfilled or have a purpose or a path, it can feel empty and repetitive.  You give the power and time of your life over to someone else and personally I feel that you should reclaim this and hold on tight.

There are plenty of different tools you can use  to find your purpose and it is my job to help you with this.  I will help you find a path where you can reinvent yourself and not feel that you have to be a particular way.

Don’t get stuck in the safety of that cocoon, be brave, your wings are ready and its time to fly. Message me if you would like a 50 minute complimentary Skype conversation to see if we are a good match to find you way forward.