We all know how it feels to wake up, to be embarrassed for the things we said, things we did, to have a raging headache, to feel sick, to feel anxious, to be remorseful, to have brain fog… basically to be hung over.

Imagine a life that you wake up every day being grateful for everything especially for just being you.

Being sober or Alcohol Free is not a popular topic and the reason is because most women of my age are ‘grey area drinkers’ they are not alcoholics but they are not alchol free. so you would presume that grey area drinking is a safe place to live. but, let me dive slightly deeper into that category. Grey area drinkers generally dont get drunk, they just regularly drink 2 glasses of wine most nights, probably every night and then at the weekend probably drink 3 or 4 glasses. all manageable?

I was a grey area drinker. I drank most nights for years . I challenge myself to Sober-October and Dry January without too much pain and sometimes I’d not drink monday – thursday but then tbh I found i drank more on the Friday than i would have done normally.

My alcohol symptoms were exactly the same as menopause that ie hot flushes, disrupted sleep, anxiety, brain fog, memory issue…. Alchol is a hormone disrupter and if you are taking HRT it will disrupt that too. It is slowly messing with you and your life. Drinking alcohol on a regular basis is the same as having an abusive relationship. except its in our culture, its acceptable and it goes on in most family houses. Filling emptiness or even happiness with a glass of wine does not make sense.

We drink to celebrate, commiserate, the end of the day, friday, the weekend, a good movie, a bad movie, with friends and without… basically no excuses needed but a drink is there most days or evening in most households.

It takes strength to give yourself permission to decide not to drink, to see what life is like without the aid of alcohol. This same alcohol that is put into the engine of your car, is poisoning your system, your hormones and your life.

Do some research, read some books, talk to me. When you stop drinking for 90 days you will start to live in High Defiintion and it doesnt stop there, the gift keeps giving. I think it takes a year for your body and brain to recover from Grey-Area drinking.

If you have ever asked yourself or even thought, I wonder if i drink too much, then, trust me, the answer is YES, you most definitely do drink too much.

If you want to know how to find the strength to step away from this abusive relationship, step away from the norm them please message me.