Going inward is the way I found my peace my salvation and myself.

I wish I had learnt this before my 50th Decade, that I didn’t need to keep taking action, to busy myself and distract myself through the chaos that was my life.  I wish I had discovered that the answers to my problems were not in money, men, drink or shopping but in finding my authentic self.  The self that didn’t realise until way too late and wasted too many years that she didn’t need someone to bank roll her life, she didn’t need to please and appease, she didn’t need to put up and shut up.  

But the good news that better late than never… right?  So, when I was unexpectedly divorced in 2018, I had the opportunity to take the reins of my life and decided who I was again.

This healing has not been linear, this healing is ongoing, this healing is a balancing act of unlearning and learning.  Sifting through, letting go and adding in.  Changing the way, I see and feel things about myself, my past and my future.

It’s a process, a painful process of forgiving myself and loving myself.  I’m grateful that I have a strong reserve of resilience and that has certainly helped me on this journey of discovery and recovery.

With this in mind I don’t want to waste another minute, in this global chaos and lock-down, I don’t want you to waste another second without knowing yourself, your goals, dreams.  I want to help you discover your hidden passions, that you swept under the carpet of busy.  I want you to discover who you are now and how you want to go forward.

Life doesn’t come with the handbook, women of my age have had to go through menopause without any support from even our friends, we had no content out there, only negativity.  We are the women who now need to forge forward and ensure that the next decade is our favourite, the one in which we achieved something special, that made us proud.  I don’t want any of my mid-life tribe to waste another year of secretly wishing that had done more, been more and had more to say about it.

We need to be relevant, visible so that our children and grandchildren look up to us and see what we achieved after 55 after 60.  We are not over the hill, we do not need to settle for less, we do not need to stay put.  We are adventurers, we are warrior women, do not get stuck in your weight, exercise routine, marriage, career, fuddy duddy mindset.  Please do not just wait for your kids to visit.

Let’s start a revolution, let’s make sure we are the generation that made a difference.  We have time, we have energy and we need a purpose, a calling, a passion.

Make sure you have a plan, make sure you have your pillars of wellness in place so that you feel strong. Make sure you know what you want… let’s turn on the gps and head towards our destination.

I want to help as many mid-life women as possible to fulfilment.  I am offering my coaching at half price during lock down.  Please dm me and let’s see where this goes, initial call is complimentary to see if we are a good fit.

See you soon. 

Lucy B