Every mindful meditation is about creating a Pause so that you have some time for enquiry. Bringing attention to your breath and body, noticing any tension, aches, pains or stress. It’s in this Pause where the magic happens and where you go to create the space to bring attention to, to notice, acknowledge, recognise, identify, to be and to sit with.

During Covid lockdown we have been forced to create a pause in our lives, relationships, families and work. We have had to focus on the importance of our basic needs for survival that is safety, food, water. Energetically and spirtitually its been about grounding and ensuring our root chakra is feeling balanced and aligned.

Going forward I think it will be increasingly more important for us to continually check in with our root chakra to ensure that we create a pause so we can bring attention to where we are and how we are feeling. When life was slower and we didnt live in this digital age of 24/7 communication, having a 2 week family holiday was enough to rebalance us and regroup with our families. But I think what Covid 19 has taught us is, that annual pause is not really enough in this crazy times when we spend so much time on screens.

We need to have a daily practice of meditation, yoga or quiet reflection.

What is also interesting to me is that how nature created Meno-pause… which again is a wonderful time in mid-age where we are forced to pause and make big changes. We are forced to stay calm and aware during tubulent hormone shifts and almost to surrender to the changes that need to be made.. Resistance only brings suffering and the Pause is essential in order to make the right decisions in how we want to lead our lives in our 50’s and beyond.

This year 2020 is a big year for me and for anyone born in 1960. We are turning 60, we have been through the pause of Menopause and now the Pause of Covid and we have learnt to surrender to the pause because it is creating change, its allowing us to recharge and change shape, we will soon emerge into our new normal.

My sparkle has been dusted, I feel strong, ready and heading towards whatever is to come with VAVA VOOM.

Enjoy the pause it is there for a reason and has bucket loads of benefits. Be a shape-shifter and know that you can be anything you want to be.

Lucy x