Looking back now I realise that my peri-menopause started at about 40 when I noticed that sometimes when I drank a cup of tea, a wave of heat, enveloped me from the tips of my toes upwards and then it would vanish just like a rolling wave.  It would also happen in times of stress or pleasure.  I didn’t even stop to think or realise what it was.  That’s the thing, menopause is not talked about, I had never even heard a whisper from my peers/friends about it and in fact close friends of mine denied having any symptoms well into their 50’s. It was both frustrating and isolating.

In my mothers generation menopause was called The Change and I believe that to be a better description of what happens.  Everything changes Mindy, body and spirit and I had to change with it.  So with intention, I changed everything up. Exercise routine, eating habits, sugar intake, (especially alcohol) gluten intake, in fact I looked at my life, shouted from the roof tops THIS IS IT!

I realised, that this change is the time in my life when I needed to know who I was, where I was going and how I was going to do it.  I needed to ensure that I had achieved my childhood dreams, that I hadn’t allowed myself to get stuck in my marriage, career, weight, exercise, food choices, bad habits… I had to shake it up and give myself the self love that I deserved. I brought the wrecking ball into my life and chose courage over comfort.  I packed my tool kit with my 4 pillars of health and wellness and set off on a voyage of discovery.  So Ladies, if you are struggling with the physically symptoms of menopause please remember everything needs to change.  If you don’t have any goals or any desires this is the time to really look at yourself in the mirror and ensure that you are living your best life.  This Change can be the most incredible time of your life.  A time in your life to emerge and feel more YOU than you have ever felt.  It doesn’t have to be anything big, in fact it doesn’t have to be anything at all.  We just need to own who we are, take 100% responsibility for our lives, our happiness and the next stage of our lives. We don’t need to get fatter, less confident, less motivated, we just need to get deliberate about our intentions.  I am now in the position where I help ladies who do feel stuck and can’t quite find the direction they are looking for.  Please do message me if you think I could help you.