sometimes we need to just shut out the noise.

I know that our heads get very busy with conversations, thoughts and emotions and it is hard to cut through the chatter.  It doesn’t help that we spend so much time on-line and there is copious distraction.  As soon as you google something or click on a sponsored link that vaguely interested you, your feed becomes a crowded place for that subject.  I have to admit I’m growing weary of the constant sales pitches and the constant noise.

So this got me thinking, firstly, I sell too, I sell my coaching all the time on Intsagram, of course I do, its my business and I coach on-line to make things convenient.  So I am part of the noise… but to justify at least I’m 1:1 which definitely feels very different.  How many webinars have you watched where they spend so much time telling you what they’re going to tell you and the they start to read the comments out loud? I find them annoying and ego based plus it is all too time consuming, distracting and confusing.

So I have decided I am going back to basics; digging deep and getting dirty.  I am going to offer a new programme.  Actual, in real life, Tea with Lucy B.  I know, how insane, actually meeting someone.  I am now offering a one off, not a package, no tie in.. Just a one off meet up where I will give you everything you need to move forward.  Just bring an old fashioned notebook and pen and let’s get going.

I will go through your four pillars.  Nutrition, Yoga, Self love and Side hustle and we will give you a direction on each and the tools to succeed in each.  That’s it, no selling packages, nothing else, no catches.  Just a good quality, super cozy,  aprox 4 hour, cup of tea with me.

Nice, simple, easy breezy.. That’s all we need really sometimes a good honest, real conversation with someone one who will tell you exactly how it is with no sugar coating.  Let me help you start your transformation.

Prepare yourself though, I will hold up the mirror… I’m big on accountability! (its what most of us needs)