I’m the woman who left school at 16 to go to a finishing school in order to learn the skills it takes to be a great wife.  This fills me with very mixed emotions.  I’m sad I was given these limiting beliefs at such an early age, that i had to rely on someone to provided for me but I’m happy that finally, having done lots of recovery work and forgiveness, I now at 59 sit on bed surrounded by various books on brain health, psychology and highlighter pens.

It doesn’t take a scientist to understand that brain function and demetia are intrinsincly linked, it also doesnt take a brain surgeon to tell you that that repeated concussion (as in boxers, wrestlers, rugby players),can lead to problems in ageing . Therefore it should be no surprise that also brain health can be completely compromised also by hormones, nutrition, alcohol and sleep. All of which can be helped by lifestyle choices and knowledge about this.

For some reason as an adult I’ve been drawn to psychology, except the spelling of it and to how our brain works. How nutrition, alcohol, sleep, hormones, exercise and meditation effects our brain health. And guess what… everything we do makes a difference. No surprises.

We must think of our body as being a whole. We are only as healthy as the thoughts we are thinking and the actions we are taking and the choices we are making.

Inflammation is present in every disease. 90% of all people with Diabetes is diet related ffs!! Why are the doctors so relaxed about this. Why are the government so relaxed about alcohol. WHY WHY WHY??

So the good news is that it is never too late to start again. I can help. We will look at all your lifestyle choices and see what is serving you and what is not.

It’s a journey into your healing, your unlearning and your becoming. Midlife is the perfect time to decided how you want to go forward, who you want to be going forward and where are you going, how are you going to get them?

Get intouch with me today and lets start your reset button.