Lucy B Wellness, Controlling the Change

I am spreading the word that Menopause is a not phase and that life is never going to return to how it was. Life is not going back and EVERYTHING needs to be adjusted in accordance.  With this big change in life can come a feeling of freedom and now is possibly the best time of your lives to look forward and to fill your life with purpose and passion.  It is the stage of life where you can give yourself the gift of courageous choice but you need to take control, rather than it controlling you. Let me help you, look through that treasure chest of possibilities

During my 50’s I have enjoyed a wonderful transformation, I became the Me who I should have always have been. Menopause gave me the freedom to discover who I was and what I wanted, I could focus on becoming the authentic Lucy B.  During this decade I discovered my inner passion of yoga, meditation and nutrition and with that I formulated the secret to havIng a mid life transformation.  I discovered where to find the courage to become who you want to be and I have worked out the tools & strategy it takes to get there.  With my skills and years of intensive training as a Wellness Coach, Yoga teacher and Mindfulness teacher I have helped many women change their lives and go on to leave their brain fog, anxiety and low energy behind. I believe I have the found a way to navigate Menopause and I can take you on a Journey to embrace The Change.  I believe it is not necessary or inevitable to suffer during menopause and beyond and there are lots of ways forward and generally going to the doctors and sticking a plaster over your symptoms is not the answer.

I will give you the tools to use every day and every way to Control the Change.  We use my 4 pillars of Wellness as a structure to help with Weight loss, Depression, Anxiety, Sobriety, Menopause, Relationships, Directions, Transformation, finding or re-aligning with you Purpose. I am directive and the right level of bossy. I get great results and I can help you make the best out of the rest.

I understand that you may or may not even know what you want to achieve. Let me be your Guide, your Accountability Coach and your Cheerleader to become the person you want to be.   Every stage in life needs a different version of you. This wonderful stage in life starts at 40 ish and goes through to 60 ish it needs to be understood to feel like positive change.  I want you to feel empowered and I can help this happen.

contact me and lets have a video discovery call, or just a chat to see if I can give you a light-bulb moment.